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Posted on 1:10 pm 11/17/2019
Ok so we told you about how a traffic exchange works basically as there are many types out there but usually the requirement to qualify is click so many ads to get yours activated. They work great as traffic sources but not much direct traffic.

Ok so now let us review a PTC or Paid to click site.
Ok so firstly its either set up for an advertiser to publish ads just like a traffic exchange also.Usually an advertiser buys a module that they can buy for certain advertising that they pay for. Advantage for that is you get what you pay for!

An advertiser must become a member obviously but is not forced to click on other sites in order to gather credits, now with that said you still can add up points for advertising as a member to get free credits for your promotions.

A member can join specifically to click because obviously they are the ones viewing your ads you submitted. The advantage with that is they are forced to look at your ad for at least 15 secs or more depending on the feature and then click on the corresponding button to get paid for looking.

So they get more of a chance to view your offer through the PTC site firstly but another advantage is that they actually are shown your website externally which is justified as a real click as it was directed there.

There are many ways for a member to view your site with incentives given by prizes or cash give-aways so they come back more often resulting in your site seen more and a chance to have them click on it. PLUS we can give an incentive for them to sign up on your offer which will result in a lead and an opt in for your ad promoted.

That is why a PTC site is much better for an advertiser to use as the focus is seeing your ad clicked not viewed.
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